Bring Me The Horizon Is All Set To Release New Music. Check Out Release Date!

Bring Me The Horizon's fans are impatiently waiting for new music and seems like they are going to enjoy some killer music this year. 

As we all know Bring Me The Horizon is working on new album, and fans can't wait to hear it. However, there is no official release date of the album which makes fans more impatient. 

This time, we have an update but sadly fans have to wait some more time to hear new music.

According to a Twitter user Ashley scowcroft‏, "Bring Me The Horizon is planning to release a single by the end of this year and new album will be out in early 2019."

Check out Ashley's tweet:

This news is not officially confirmed and can be just another fan theory. However, the pattern looks exactly how Bring Me The Horizon releases new album.

Bring Me The Horizon always treats their fan with a new single whenever they made us wait for a long time. So, All BMTH fans can take a long breath and wait for a new single and probably new album soon!

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