Why Is Oliver Sykes No Longer The Emo Kid with Tight Jeans?

Oliver Sykes has changed alot over the years from his musical style to Physical appearance, it may not be wrong to say that he is not the Old Oliver Sykes with Tight pants and emo hairstyle anymore.

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Oliver Sykes used to be popular before 2010 because of his deadly screams, emo hairstyle, and colorful shirts. His fans used to copy his hair and emo appearance. If we watch some of his old interviews, he used to feel shy and awkward.

Now, It’s 2017 and Oliver Sykes has made a huge jump and is now one of the most popular musicians in the UK and around the world. He is now a mature guy and we can see a stronger version of Oliver Sykes.

His physical appearance has changed a lot, Oli has worked on his body and successfully maintained him in a right shape. He has got a nice dressing sense. Thanks to his clothing line, Drop Dead, which has helped Oli as well as his millions of fans to enjoy the best clothing gears.

Which Oli do you prefer? The Old Emo Oli or The New Mature Oli? Do let us know in the comment section down below.

Image Source :- Oli’s Social Media Profiles!



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