34-Year-Old Taxi Driver Raped A Female Puppy & Dumped Her In A Drain Where She Died Horribly

In today’s world, humans have completely lost their soul and humanity. Humans have become the biggest threat to nature. And even animals are not safe in this world due to humans. A shameful act has come to light which proves we are losing humanity day by day.

Recently, a 34 years old taxi driver raped a female puppy named Jenny. As per the reports, the driver has been identified as Naresh Kumar who works as a Taxi Driver in Naraina, India. He was drunk when he raped that puppy. After that, he threw the body of that puppy in the dry drain where she died because of excessive bleeding.

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When Jenny went missing, her caretaker started searching. That’s when Naresh accepted that he raped and dumped Jenny into Drain.

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Police conducted the medical test of Jenny and confirmed she was raped and died because of excessive bleeding. Naresh Kumar has been locked under section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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Do you think people commit the crime like this because of poor law of the country? What should we do to reduce animal cruelty? Share your views in the comments section down below.

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