Oliver Sykes Blacked Out His Hands Covering Our Most Favorite “Drop Dead” Tattoos.

Do you love Oli Sykes’s Tattoos? If yes, then you may have worried when Oli Sykes completely blacked out his arms. Most of his fans didn’t like the idea of blacked out tattoos, where as some of them appreciated Oli Sykes.

Recently, Oli Sykes has blacked out his handsΒ  covering the classic Drop Dead tattoos and icons. If you ask me, Personally I really don’t like Oli’s Idea of covering the Drop Dead tattoos. Those were my Favorite tattoos 😭.

Check out how his Drop Dead Tattoos used to Look like:

Check out how it looks now;


Most of us really love his Drop Dead tattoos right? But It’s his choice and we should appreciate it. We can’t wait to see how his hands will look. We will update it on this blog as soon as we get the new pictures of his tattoos. Till then you can follow us on Facebook for more news and Gossips.

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