4 Big Revelations About Mars By Boriska Which Prove He Indeed Came To Earth From That Planet

Russian boy named Boris Kipriyanovich (Boriska) was born in 1996. He came to limelight when he claimed that he was from mars which proved to be believable. Boriska’s parents were surprised by his extraordinary powers ever since he was born. He was very intelligent and he had unbelievable knowledge about space.

1. Boriska had Extra Ordinary intelligence since Birth.

As per he mother, when he was born her mother didn’t feel any labor pain. His delivery was easy. And he was looking at her mother like an adult. As per physicians, normally Babies eyes cannot focus on objects but his vision had already hinted that he was extraordinary.

When he was just 4 months old, he started speaking. At first, he could speak simple words. And when he became 8 months world, he had already started reading the newspaper.

By the age of 2 years old, he started showing extraordinary knowledge about Space and many other things. He started talking about mars planet with his parents which scared his parents.

2. His Interest In The Space

He used to disconnect himself from the world and meditate by going to anomalous zone i.e. Medvedetskaya Gryada Mountain in his town. He used to talk about mars and the civilization there.

3. His Life on Mars On previous Life.

Boriska talked about his past life in mars. He talked about how he used to live in mars and shared shocking information about the technologies on mars. he claimed that he used to travel to earth on a spacecraft that he built. He also talked about multi-dimension travel and claimed he used to land on the surface of the earth in a matter of seconds.

4. The secret behind the failure of early Mars Missions of Earth.

After discovering his extraordinary intelligence, scientists also got interested in his knowledge. When a scientist asked, why our space stations get destroyed before reaching the mars surface, he replied that the space station emits some radiation which is harmful to the mars environments. So the space station was destroyed by Martians in order to protect their environment on mars.

After hearing his answers, scientists were amazed by his intelligence. one of the scientists stated:-

“I was amazed by his knowledge of this sort of radiation “Fabos”. This is absolutely true. Back in 1988 a resident of Volzhsky, Yuri Yushchenko, a man with extrasensory powers attempted to warn Soviet leaders about the inevitable crash of the first Soviet space stations “Phobos-1” and “Fobos-2”. He also mentioned this sort of craft was “unfamiliar” and harmful for the planet due to onboard radiation. Obviously, no one believed him then.

Boriska also claimed that earth’s air cause aging whereas people on mars stays young forever.

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