20 Men Brutally Gang-Raped A 20 Yr Old Girl! Humanity Is Dying Day by day.

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Rape cases are increasing day by day. Seems like people are losing humanity day by day. Yesterday, we reported about a girl who was raped and murdered by her friends.

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After that, A girl has been gang raped by around 20 men. As per reports, the girl was going home with his boyfriend on a motorbike. Suddenly 6 youth stopped them. After that, they started harassing her boyfriend for being in love affair with a tribal girl. They also demanded RS 5000 and a mobile phone as a penalty.

Soon the youths called up around 18 men, then held his boyfriend at a knife point, and started raping the girl turn by turn.

After that, They also forced the girl to take a bath in a pond to erase the evidence. Somehow the girl and her boyfriends managed to save their life and submit a report to the police. As per the reports, Police has arrested 12 people on the basis of inputs given by the victims.

The girl has been hospitalized and said to be “out of danger”. The victims called their parents and lodged a gang rape case against all the men present in the crime scene.

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